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Return of Traditional Investments 

...even though the top 1% has tried their best  to hide this from you. 

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Learn How to Invest in Startups and Growth Stage Small Businesses... 

  • Be the Master of Your Financial Destiny
  • Shape the Future You Want to See
  • Make a Lasting Impact & Create Generational Wealth

Invest in Entrepreneurs,
the way Millionaires have for Decades. 

(Even if you aren't a millionaire...yet!)


If You Have Felt this Way about your Current Investment Strategy...

  • My Dream of rental income retirement cashflow has turned into a nightmare of maintenance and turnover. 
  • I Worry the next disaster or viral craze will trigger a market freefall and tank my portfolio.
  • Crypto's wild ride is giving me whiplash.  I got in and now I'm just holding on

Problem Renters?

Passive Income Dreams become Nightmares of Midnight Plumbing Repairs? 

You can invest in an entrepreneur to fuel their revenue instead, and share in their profits as they grow their business -

without that unexpected cost increase from rising in property taxes and insurance premiums.

What Triggered That?

Robinhood Effect? What is that? 

When you invest in an entrepreneur's business, your money goes directly to the actions and resources to grow revenue.  

When a private company's revenue grows, so does their stock value.  Period. 

Is it even real? 

Crypto value isn't even based on anything real.

Entrepreneurs bring innovation to market to solve a problem.  When you share that passion, you feel good about your impact with those profits. 

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If Angel Investing is So Good...

Why don't I hear more about it? 
Why does  my financial planner say it is so risky? 
Why do I get invites in the mail for real estate investor training, but nothing about angel and crowdfunding investing? 
What about that $1000 investment turning in to $138M

Great questions.
The answers you seek are in this video >>>>


What is the Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizing System? 


>It is a step by step, easy to follow, digital, on demand, course that brings Karen's best seller, Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, to life.

>It is designed for busy people, with limited time and flexibility in their schedule, so that it is available when you are - 24/7 on demand. 

>It was designed to meet you where you are in your financial journey --- both the novice and the expert will gain the information and confidence they need to go to the next step in building their own portfolio

>The Intro level course has 25 Lessons (and growing) based on Karen's 20 years of helping angel investors identify and review entrepreneur opportunities. 

>What that means to you is you get the benefit of that expertise to learn how to invest in entrepreneurs for Purpose, Passion and Profit. 


Investor Document Resource Portal

Dozens of templates, check lists, sample contracts, articles, venture capital glossary and so much more. 
Thousands of dollars  over the years invested to create this library, now available to your. 
The tools you need along your angel investor journey.   

BONUS: Includes a digital copy of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing 

Angel Profitability Blueprint(TM)

Angel Profitability Blueprint(TM) is unique to the Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Mastery System.  Karen developed this proprietary approach for creating a portfolio of 10 investments  with potential for short term returns, reoccurring revenue streams, and long term multiples on initial investment. 

The Secrets and The Reasons

Get the full story on the 44 Inside Secrets shared in Karen's Book. Discover how Angel/Crowdfund Investing satisfies the  Hierarchical Human Needs.  Recorded Lessons to watch when and how many times you want. 
25 Lessons Ready for YOU

With the Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizing System you WILL

  • Learn the language of angel investing
  • Know what deal structure is right for your risk profile
  • Discover where to find the deals that solve a problem you care about
  • Learn how to evaluate the opportunities to identify the 'red flags' that could mean trouble down the road
  • Get the skills you need to build a portfolio to produce 3x the returns of your current investments. 

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Join the Intro to Angel & Crowdfunding Investing Program and I'll show YOU How to Create Profitable, Satisfying Investments in Entrepreneurs for Tangible and Promising Returns. 

Payment options include quarterly and annual subcriptions. 

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What do YOU want Your MONEY
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If you answered...

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              so I will leave a legacy with my investment"

Then you are in the right place. The Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Maximizing System will teach you how to invest in Entrepreneurs the way Millionaires have for Decades. 

(Even if you aren't a millionaire...yet!)

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The training offered within the Compassionate Capitalist Wealth Mastery System is intended to be a guide.  All investments are risky.  The goal within this course is to provide the training and guidance you need to become confident and competent to build a portfolio of private investments that map to your current liquidity and risk tolerance.  Any decisions you make about investing in private companies are yours alone to make.  Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC is not an investment advisory firm and Karen Rands is not licensed as an investment advisor or securities broker.  Although it has been stated that financial planners and wealth managers, as licensed security and investment advisors are discouraged by FINRA for providing advice about investing in private companies not represented by their licensing firm.  Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) are not subject to the same restrictions as licensed brokers because they earn their income through management fees, not commissions on the investments you make.